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Anime|”Seven Dragon Balls”, the mysterious Beast Sun Gohan is the norm or another transformed form?

Remember in the Buu chapter, the old king of the gods in the development of Sun Gohan‘s potential, once said that relying on transformation to improve combat power is only the work of the evil devil, so Beast Sun Gohan’s mysterious Gohan state from the theory, should only be a normal state, but in this normal state of transformation, the combat power will not be improved is really hard to say.


At the time of “Dragon Ball Super”, the power conference, Sun Gohan is this way to tell Sun Goku, he decided to go a way not to rely on transformation to improve their own combat power “own way”, and in fact, at the time of Sun Gohan in order to regain the state of the original mysterious Gohan, is also a lot of effort, so we can also speculate: mysterious Gohan state is not exactly a normal, but should be a between the normal and pervert (Super Saiyan) peak normal


Before the power conference, Sun Gohan in the face of Frieza, should be able to defeat Frieza without having to transform, although at that time he was the normal state, but in the normal situation to play, should also be able to revert to the state of the mysterious Gohan, but Sun Gohan rather choose the transformed state, and according to what we usually know, the general Saiyan should not appear after the transformation Exhausted the whole body’s energy and deflated, because according to the usual plot development, should be in the transformation after regaining more powerful power to fight … but in “Dragon Ball Super” inside, obviously Sun Gohan’s combat power was weakened too much.


From Vis in training Sun Goku and Vegeta, in fact, Vis weight lifting should also be a state of battle, that is, in the realm of God, there should be no such thing as transformation, the normal state is also a state of battle, this can also be from Sun Goku transformed into red super, the whole body’s breath has been converged, others are no longer able to capture Sun Goku and Bills through the breath of the same movement, Sun Gohan’s mysterious Gohan state, should also be a very close to the realm of God is right.



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