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No matter what kind of sleep you need there’s a zip up mattress protector for you

No matter what kind of sleep you need there’s a zip up mattress protector for you. You’ll find waterproof mattress protectors, cooling mattress protectors, anti-allergic mattress protectors, eco-friendly mattress protectors and more.

Here, we’ve put together the best zip up mattress protector for every budget and bed size in one convenient place. That said, if your mattress is past its prime (and you can’t stretch to a new one), you’re better off picking one of these.

zip up mattress protector

The best mattress protector is a must-have for anyone who wants a good night’s sleep and wants to have a clean and well-maintained mattress. First, they prevent stains, spills, and other damage, helping to extend life and saving cash in the long run. Second, they keep dust, dust, and other intrusions out, keeping your bedroom safe and hygienic. Third, they add an extra layer of cushioning so you can have an all-around good night’s sleep. And the waterproof mattress protector protects your mattress from any harmful liquids while keeping you dry and comfortable at night.

Flannel mattress protector, also known as mattress cover, are very common bedding accessories in European and American countries. However, Chinese people are still relatively unfamiliar with this kind of bedding. A waterproof sheet is a protective cover that wraps around the outer layer of a mattress to prevent sweat, dust, or other liquids from seeping into the mattress. Since the cleaning of the mattress itself is relatively complicated, relatively speaking, replacing the waterproof mattress regularly can save time, ensure the cleanliness of the sleeping environment, and reduce the breeding of harmful substances such as bacteria and mold in the mattress.

So, how to choose a suitable waterproof flannel mattress protector? Next, I will introduce to you

Flannel mattress protector

About waterproof sheets

Cooling waterproof mattress protector are especially meaningful for babies. Parents know that sweating, urinating, and spitting up babies can cause extensive smudges on the bed. In addition to affecting the appearance, it will also lead to the proliferation of bacteria and mites in it, burying serious hidden dangers to the baby’s health. And high-quality waterproof sheets can completely prevent these substances from penetrating the surface of the mattress, and at the same time, a good material will make the baby feel comfortable. Especially when parents want to buy some good mattresses for their baby’s health, we strongly recommend buying more cooling waterproof mattress protector at the same time, which can not only prolong the service life of the mattress, but also improve the cleanliness of the baby’s sleeping environment and reduce the baby’s health. hidden danger.

Bertilly imported pure cotton waterproof mattress protector

At Bethel, we use natural materials with natural antimicrobial properties. These materials prevent the proliferation of bacteria and mites through their structure and ability to easily remove moisture. Bedecor’s baby and toddler bedding provides a completely healthy and natural sleep for the whole family.

The Bedecor 2-in-1 cotton waterproof mattress protector is made of soft fibers that are not only effective against water, but also provide good temperature regulation during sleep and limit excessive sweating. Soft fibers protect the mattress by blocking liquids without hindering air circulation. This waterproof sheet is a 2-in-1 thickened and ultra-practical solution for all parents looking to simplify their lives: the sheet is waterproof on one side and conforms to the mattress on the other side for complete mattress protection.


Babies sleep an average of 20 hours a day in the first few months, and even after 6 months, this sleep time is greatly reduced, and they still spend a lot of time in cots. Therefore, it is necessary to create a comfortable sleeping environment for them. A high-quality mattress itself provides comfortable support for your baby’s spine, coupled with a soft best mattress protector that won’t irritate the skin, how can a baby fall asleep restlessly? When many parents choose this kind of bedding, they often ignore the function and quality of waterproof sheets. All Bedecor products are supervised and produced by professionals in the French textile industry. The quality of the best mattress protector has inherited the excellent French textile tradition. The touch is comfortable and delicate, especially suitable for the delicate skin of infants and young children.


Today’s mainstream product materials are natural materials such as cotton, bamboo fiber, linen, etc. These materials effectively reduce the risk of allergies and guarantee good comfort for the baby. While these natural materials are relatively expensive and cumbersome to clean, natural materials are still essential. Here, we recommend that parents try to avoid using bamboo zippable mattress cover made of synthetic materials such as polyester. While these products are relatively inexpensive, they are not pleasant to the touch. At the same time, the organic substances contained in inferior waterproof sheets will also irritate the baby’s skin and bring many health risks. And all our products have passed the highest certification standards of the International Textile Association. It is harmless to the baby, non-irritating to the skin, and gives the newborn adequate sleep care.


Some parents mistakenly believe that changing your baby’s sheets and covers once a week will keep your baby’s environment clean. However, in the general opinion of Westerners, it is best to ensure that the newborn’s bedding (including pillows and quilts) is cleaned more than once a week. Parents must remember that the bamboo zippable mattress cover wrapped around the mattress are not just simple waterproof sheets, they can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria, which will cause great harm to the baby’s immunity and health.

When cleaning, parents must remember to follow the washing instructions of the product. Generally speaking, plastic mattress cover with zipper can be washed directly with warm water below 40 degrees, while most products can be ironed or directly dried.

The best mattress protector is a great way to help you sleep better by not only protecting your mattress from dust, spills, and allergens, but also providing you with extra comfort. Without a plastic mattress cover with zipper, even the best mattresses can quickly fall into trouble; however, with an extra layer of protection, they stay fresh, clean, and in good condition for longer. Ultimately, buying a new mattress protector is much cheaper than buying a new mattress.

Right now, the Tempur Fit Mattress Protector is our overall pick for the best mattress protector because it basically ticks all the boxes. It’s waterproof, breathable, machine washable, and has a three-year warranty. However, if you suffer from allergies, we recommend White Company Deluxe Anti-Allergy Mattress Protector. That said, there are plenty of other great products to consider, so keep reading to discover the best-selling mattress protectors right now.

The best Matratzenschoner Wasserdicht overall

Technical indicators

Suitable for mattresses with a depth of 21-27 cm. Single bed, single bed, double bed, king bed, super queen bed Material: Tencel, Polyurethane quilt. Tencel, polyurethane quilt. Not waterproof. Yes

Reason for purchase

+Breathable and absorbent Tencel fabric+Waterproof without discomfort+Can be dried

reasons to avoid

-Not the cheapest best deal today

The term “waterproof mattress protector” might conjure up images of crumpled plastic sheets, but Fit mattress protector is an ultra-thin, breathable cotton mattress protector that’s ready to use right away. It’s not used A sweaty plastic layer handles spills and leaks, but instead uses a smart polyurethane membrane combined with a breathable, absorbable Tencel top layer to keep you dry, comfortable and undamaged.

It’s ideal for use with a memory foam mattress – but also works with any single, double, king or king-size mattress with a depth of 21-27cm – it has an easy-to-stretch design and Deeper sides for all possible situations. Feeling lazy? You can choose to sleep directly on top like a flat sheet, or sleep under your preferred sheet as usual. It’s also machine washable below 40°C (and dried below 60°C), and the three-year warranty gives you long-term peace of mind. In our opinion, the mattress protector is the best mattress protector out there for the price.

Protège Matelas Imperméable Wild Mattress Protector

Premium brand luxury mattress protector

Technical indicators

size. Single bed, double bed, queen bed, super king bed material. Microfiber and Modal quilt. No water resistance. No

Reason for purchase

+ Calorie Regulating Fiber + Hypoallergenic Today’s Best Deals

Protège Matelas Imperméable Wilde specializes in luxury mattresses priced to match, so it’s surprising that its own mattress protector isn’t cheap. Who is complaining?

It’s made to keep you cool and refreshed at night; it’s filled with a thermostatic blend of microfiber and modal, and made from textured, breathable microfiber that clings snugly to any Protège Matelas Imperméable mattress. It’s hypoallergenic, washable at 60 degrees, and you can safely put it in the tumble dryer.

Coprimaterasso Impermeabile Mattress Protector

The Best Mattress Protectors to Prevent Overheating

Technical indicators

size. Single, Small, Double, Queen, Super King Material Tencel knit and polyester quilt. Not waterproof. Yes

Reason for purchase

+100% waterproof+ecological choice+good if it’s hot at night

reasons to avoid

– Returns are only possible if unopened or wrong

Like the above, the Coprimaterasso Impermeabile mattress protector is also made from Tencel – a material derived from natural wood cellulose, making it a very soft and ultra-breathable fabric. This makes this thermoregulatory mattress protector ideal for those prone to overheating at night. Tencel is more absorbent than cotton, softer and cooler than linen, so it’s environmentally friendly, and the manufacturer claims it’s a 100% waterproof mattress cover. We may not have tested it to the limit, although we must admit that we don’t have young children in our house, but we must admit that we seem to have done it fairly easily. Anyway, if you’re prone to overheating, the Nectar mattress protector is an especially good option.

Protector de Colchón Mattress Protector

Flexible, environmentally friendly options

Technical indicators

size. Single bed, double bed, queen bed, super king bed Material. Tencel and polyester quilting. Not waterproof. Yes

Reason for purchase

+environmentally friendly + waterproof today’s best deals

There’s no doubt that Simba’s mattress protector fits perfectly with Protector de Colchón ‘s own hybrid mattress, however, if you don’t have a Simba’s mattress, you’ll find that it should be flexible enough to fit your bed.

It’s made from sustainable Tencel fabric that’s softer than cotton, won’t wake you up with noticeable rustling, and has a polyurethane layer that protects you from dust, moisture, stains and spills. It’s also OEKO TEX 100 certified, so it’s free of harmful chemicals, and while it’s more expensive than many of the mattress protectors listed here, it’s worth a little extra for its advanced features.

Waterdichte Matrasbeschermer Mattress Protector

Our Favorite Mattress Brand Offers A Lot Of Protection At A Good Price

Technical indicators

size. Single bed, small double bed, double bed, king bed, super queen bed material. Polyester quilting. No water resistance. Yes

Reason for purchase

+100% waterproof + hypoallergenic

reasons to avoid

Expensive Best Deals of the Day

Not only is Waterdichte Matrasbeschermer‘s mattress protector a tad more expensive than most of the other options here, it’s considerably more expensive, even under £90 for a single. However, Emma promises maximum protection for any mattress, and given that Emma Original is currently our top mattress, you have to take that claim seriously.


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