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Together From Crisis to Hope

Recently attended the 2024 World Without Orphans Global Forum, an inspiring assembly where childcare practitioners, business and church leaders, and people of faith united under a common goal: caring for orphans in the name of Jesus. The collaborative spirit among hundreds dedicated to this cause was truly uplifting.
Reflecting on the significance of this forum, I found a moment for personal contemplation and prayer atop a mountain at sunrise. Overlooking the expansive jungles of northern Thailand, I thought about our partners in Myanmar and the similar terrains that provide refuge to children fleeing from the war’s escalating violence. These children, separated from their families, find solace and the gospel through the care of our partners. Amid their turmoil, they encounter Jesus Christ, the epitome of true and lasting hope. That morning, as I prayed for the orphans and Christian workers facing crises worldwide, I meditated on a verse that underscored the resilience and faith of these communities.
Throughout the forum, the recurring thought that God was transforming us into new wine stayed with me. Like grapes crushed under pressure, we too are tested by crises. Yet, it is through these trials that we are refined and reborn, our lives acquiring depth and complexity over time. As Easter approaches, I recall the early church’s tribulations and Christ’s sacrificial journey—innocent, yet crucified. At the Last Supper, he shared the cup and broke the bread, symbolizing his body and blood as the new covenant, a promise of redemption tightly bound to everlasting hope.

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